eConnect – Inventory – Item create – example – – C#



Imports System
Imports System.Xml
Imports System.Xml.Serialization
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Text
Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
Imports Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect
Imports Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.Serialization

Public Class Inventory
    Public Sub eConnectSend()
        'Serialized XML File         
        Dim xmldocument As String
        'Connection String         
        Dim sConnectionString As String
        Dim xmlobject As String
        Using eConCall As New eConnectMethods
                SerializeObject("c:\test\xmlfile.xml ")
                Dim xmldoc As New Xml.XmlDocument
                xmldocument = xmldoc.OuterXml
                sConnectionString = "data source=sqlserver;initial catalog=two;integrated security=SSPI; persist security info=False;packet size=4096"
                xmlobject = eConCall.CreateTransactionEntity(sConnectionString, xmldocument)
            Catch exp As eConnectException
            Catch ex As System.Exception
            End Try
        End Using
    End Sub
    Public Shared Sub SerializeObject(ByVal filename As String)
            Dim econnect As New eConnectType
            Dim iv As New IVItemMasterType

            'inventory item
            Dim itm As New taUpdateCreateItemRcd
            With itm
                .ITEMNMBR = "ITEMNAME"
                .ITEMDESC = "Item description"
                .ITMSHNAM = "Short Description"
                .ITMGEDSC = "Generic description"
                .ITMCLSCD = "FG-ACT"
                .ITEMTYPE = 1
                .UOMSCHDL = "EACH"
                .UpdateIfExists = 1
            End With
            iv.taUpdateCreateItemRcd = itm

            ReDim Preserve econnect.IVItemMasterType(0)
            econnect.IVItemMasterType(0) = iv

            Dim fs As New FileStream(filename, FileMode.Create)
            Dim writer As New XmlTextWriter(fs, New UTF8Encoding)
            Dim serializer As New XmlSerializer(GetType(eConnectType))
            serializer.Serialize(writer, econnect)
        Catch ex As ApplicationException
        End Try
    End Sub
    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    End Sub
End Class


using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Data;
using System.Text;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Xml;
using System.Xml.Serialization;
using Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect;
using Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.Serialization;

namespace eConnectSample
    public partial class InventoryItemCreate : Form
        public InventoryItemCreate()

        private static void sendtogp()
            using (eConnectMethods eConCall = new eConnectMethods())
                    XmlDocument xmldoc = new XmlDocument();
                    string send2gp = xmldoc.OuterXml;
                    string sConnectionString = "data source=sqlserver;initial catalog=TWO;integrated security=SSPI;persist security info=False;packet size=4096";
                    string ivitem = eConCall.CreateTransactionEntity(sConnectionString, send2gp);
                catch (eConnectException exp)
                catch (Exception ex)

        private static void SerializeObject(string filename)

                taUpdateCreateItemRcd itm = new taUpdateCreateItemRcd();
                itm.ITEMNMBR = "ITEMNAME";
                itm.ITEMDESC = "Item description";
                itm.ITMSHNAM = "Short Description";
                itm.ITMGEDSC = "Generic description";
                itm.ITMCLSCD = "FG-ACT";
                itm.ITEMTYPE = 1;
                itm.UOMSCHDL = "EACH";
                itm.UpdateIfExists = 1;

                IVItemMasterType iv = new IVItemMasterType();
                iv.taUpdateCreateItemRcd = itm;

                IVItemMasterType[] myIV = { iv };
                eConnectType eConnect = new eConnectType();
                eConnect.IVItemMasterType = myIV;

                FileStream fs = new FileStream(filename, FileMode.Create);
                XmlTextWriter writer = new XmlTextWriter(fs, new UTF8Encoding());

                XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(eConnect.GetType());
                serializer.Serialize(writer, eConnect);

            catch (eConnectException ex)

        private void Send2GP_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

Adapted from Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect Samples installed during eConnect installation.

Line breaks are issued to fit script within screen. Remove line breaks.


XML File

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<eConnect xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <eConnectProcessInfo xsi:nil="true"/>
    <taRequesterTrxDisabler_Items xsi:nil="true"/>
        Item description
        Short Description
        Generic description
    <taUpdateCreateItemCurrencyRcd_Items xsi:nil="true"/>
    <taIVCreateItemPriceListLine_Items xsi:nil="true"/>
    <taIVCreateItemPriceListHeader xsi:nil="true"/>
    <taItemSite_Items xsi:nil="true"/>
    <taCreateItemVendors_Items xsi:nil="true"/>
    <taCreateKitItemRcd_Items xsi:nil="true"/>
    <taCreateInternetAddresses_Items xsi:nil="true"/>



Extract from eConnect Programmers Reference Guide for immediate reference.

Element name Data type Length Required Description
ITEMNMBR string 30 Y Item number
ITEMDESC string 100 N Item description
ITMSHNAM string 15 N Short description
ITMGEDSC string 10 N Generic description
ITMCLSCD string 10 N Class ID
ITEMTYPE i4 2 N Item type
1=Sales inventory;
4=Miscellaneous charges;
6=Flat fee
Default is one on new record
VCTNMTHD i4 2 N Valuation method:
0=Any ITEMTYPE other than 1 or 2;
1=FIFO perpetual;
2=LIFO perpetual;
3=Average perpetual;
4=FIFO periodic;
5=LIFO periodic
Default is one on new record
TAXOPTNS i4 2 N Sales tax options:
3=Base on customers
Default is one on new record
ITMTSHID string 15 N Tax schedule ID
UOMSCHDL string 10 N Unit of measure schedule ID
Required for a new record, but can roll down from class
ITEMSHWT number N Shipping weight; only used when ITEMTYPE=1, 2, or 3
TCC string 30 N Tax community code; only used if the “Enable Intrastat Tracking” option is enabled in Company Setup
CNTRYORGN string 6 N Country origin; only used if the “Enable Intrastat Tracking” option is enabled in Company Setup
DECPLQTY i4 2 N Quantity Decimals; DECPLQTY can equal 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5; if ITEMTYPE=3, then DECPLQTY must be set to zero
Default is zero on new record
DECPLCUR i4 2 N Currency Decimals; used for item if not registered for multi-currency or used for functional currency
If registered for multi-currency and want other currencies, use the <taUpdateCreateItemCurrencyRcd> node.
Purchase_Tax_Options i4 2 N Purchasing tax option:
3=Base on vendors
Default is one on new record
Purchase_Item_Tax_Schedu string 15 N Purchase tax schedule ID
STNDCOST number 21 N Standard cost
CURRCOST number 21 N Current cost
LISTPRCE number 21 N List price; used if multi-currency is not registered or used for functional currency if multi-currency is registered
NOTETEXT string 8000 N Note text
ALTITEM1 string 30 N Alternate item 1
ALTITEM2 string 30 N Alternate item 2
ITMTRKOP i4 2 N Item tracking:
2=Serial Numbers;
3=Lot Numbers
Used when ITEMTYPE= 1 or 2
Default is one on new record
LOTTYPE string 10 N Lot category
LOTEXPWARN i4 1 N Lot Expiration Warn:
0 = no warning
1 = warnings enabled
If this item is not lot tracked, the value of this element is not used.
LOTEXPWARNDAYS i4 2 N Days Before Lot Expires:
Valid entries equal 0 – 999.
If LOTEXPWARN is 0 then LOTEXPWARNDAYS always defaults to 0. If this item is not lot tracked, the value of this element is not used.
INCLUDEINDP i4 1 N Include in Demand Planning;
0=Do Not Include;
Default is zero on new record
MINSHELF1 i4 2 N Minimum shelf life 1:
Valid entries equal 0-9999
Use when ITMTRKOP=3
Default is zero on new record
MINSHELF2 i4 2 N Minimum shelf life 2:
Valid entries equal 0-9999
Use when ITMTRKOP=3
Default is zero on new record
ALWBKORD i4 1 N Allow back orders:
0=Do not allow back orders;
1=Allow back orders
Default is zero on new record
WRNTYDYS i4 2 N Warranty days; valid entries equal 0-9999
Default is zero on new record
ABCCODE i4 2 N ABC code:
Default is one on new record
USCATVLS_1 string 10 N User category 1
USCATVLS_2 string 10 N User category 2
USCATVLS_3 string 10 N User category 3
USCATVLS_4 string 10 N User category 4
USCATVLS_5 string 10 N User category 5
USCATVLS_6 string 10 N User category 6
KPCALHST i4 1 N Maintain history—calendar year:
0=Do not keep history;
1=Keep history
Default is 0 on new record
KPERHIST i4 1 N Maintain history—fiscal year:
0=Do not keep history;
1=Keep history
Default is 0 on new record
KPTRXHST i4 1 N Maintain history—transaction:
0=Do not keep history;
1=Keep history
Default is 0 on new record
KPDSTHST i4 1 N Maintain history—distribution:
0=Do not keep history;
1=Keep history
Default is 0 on new record
IVIVACTNUMST string 75 N Inventory account
IVIVOFACTNUMST string 75 N Inventory offset account
IVCOGSACTNUMST string 75 N Cost of goods sold account
IVSLSACTNUMST string 75 N Sales account
IVSLDSACTNUMST string 75 N Markdown account
IVSLRNACTNUMST string 75 N Sales return account
IVINUSACTNUMST string 75 N In use account
IVINSVACTNUMST string 75 N In service account
IVDMGACTNUMST string 75 N Damaged account
IVVARACTNUMST string 75 N Variance account
DPSHPACTNUMST string 75 N Drop-ship items account
PURPVACTNUMST string 75 N Purchase price variance account
UPPVACTNUMST string 75 N Unrealized purchase price variance account
IVRETACTNUMST string 75 N Inventory returns account
ASMVRACTNUMST string 75 N Assembly variance account
KTACCTSR i4 2 N Cost of goods sold account source:
0=From component item;
1=From kit item
Default is zero on new record
PRCHSUOM string 8 N Purchasing unit of measure
Revalue_Inventory i4 1 N Revalue inventory for cost variance:
0=Do not revalue;
Default is zero on new record
Tolerance_Percentage number 21 N Tolerance percentage
LOCNCODE string 10 N Location code; assigns site to item if it is not already assigned
PRICMTHD i4 2 N Price method:
1=Currency amount;
2=Percent of List price;
3=Percent of markup of current cost;
5=Percent margin of current cost;
6=Percent margin of standard cost
Default is one
PriceGroup string 10 N Price group
UseQtyOverageTolerance i4 1 N Use quantity overage tolerance:
0=Do not use;
UseQtyShortageTolerance i4 1 N Use quantity shortage tolerance:
0=Do not use;
QtyOverTolerancePercent i4 4 N Quantity over tolerance percent:
Provide a value of 0 – 99999. For example, 99999 equals 99.999.
QtyShortTolerancePercent i4 4 N Quantity short tolerance percent:
Provide a value of 0 – 99999. For example, 99999 equals 99.999.
UseItemClass i4 1 N Flag to have class setting roll down to elements that are not passed in; uses the ITMCLSCD class
UpdateIfExists i4 1 N Flag to allow item data to be updated if it exists: 0=Do not update;
1=Update if exists;
2=Create if record does not exist and exits without error if record does exist
RequesterTrx i4 2 N Requester transaction
1=True (if True, it populates the requester shadow table)


Dynamics GP Project Accounting Tables

Project Accounting

PDK40400Class Master22257
PDK40300Class Restrictions22258
GST00111GST PA PM Class MSTR22526
GST00103GST PA Purchasing Receipt22527
GST00104GST PA Purchasing Receipt22528
PA10707PA PAPOSOPPOLink22417
PA43001PA Accounts Setup File22078
PA43002PA Accounts Template Setup File22223
PA000002PA Adjustment Activity22277
PA13400PA Aging Reconcile Control22191
PA13300PA Aging WIP Reconcile Control22197
PA23101PA Applied Header History22471
PA33101PA Applied Header Open22472
PA33601PA Applied History File22010
PA23000PA Applied OPEN22334
PA33602PA Applied Sub Detail History File22040
PA23010PA Applied Sub Detail OPEN22371
PA42602PA Bill Format Print SETP22449
PA42601PA Bill Format Setup22014
PA42501PA Biller Module Setup22012
PA33401PA Billing Apply Distribution History22084
PA33204PA Billing Commissions HIST22065
PA11000PA Billing Commissions LINK22109
PA11300PA Billing Contract Link22117
PA11500PA Billing Contracts22108
PA02000PA Billing Cycle MSTR22265
PA33200PA Billing Detail HIST22352
PA23200PA Billing Detail OPEN22341
PA13200PA Billing Detail WORK22328
PA30703PA Billing Distribution History22269
PA10802PA Billing Distribution WORK22270
PA33100PA Billing Header HIST22351
PA23100PA Billing Header OPEN22340
PAV43100PA Billing Header View22577
PA13100PA Billing Header WORK22327
PA01601PA Billing Notes Master22162
PA11400PA Billing Project Link22168
PA33201PA Billing Sub-Detail HIST Fee22318
PA33202PA Billing Sub-Detail HIST FF22317
PA33203PA Billing Sub-Detail HIST TM22358
PA23201PA Billing Sub-Detail OPEN Fee22350
PA23202PA Billing Sub-Detail OPEN FF22339
PA23203PA Billing Sub-Detail OPEN TM22343
PA13201PA Billing Sub-Detail WORK Fee22364
PA13203PA Billing Sub-Detail WORK FF22372
PA13202PA Billing Sub-Detail WORK TM22373
PA11700PA Billing Subline Tax Detail22193
PA33206PA Billing Subline Tax Detail Hist22075
PA11100PA Billing Tax Detail22112
PA33205PA Billing Tax Detail Hist22076
PA01303PA Budget IVItems22291
PA01301PA Budget Master File22041
PA01342PA Budget MSTR COST SUM22578
PA01341PA Budget MSTR WIP SUM22550
PA01304PA Budget Periodic Totals Master File22324
PA40201PA Budget Template File22042
PA89422PA Budget Template File Lookup22543
PA40202PA Budget Template IV Items22132
PA33702PA Change Order Detail HIST22503
PA23401PA Change Order Detail OPEN22504
PA12001PA Change Order Detail WORK22505
PA23501PA Change Order Fee Detail OPEN22516
PA12102PA Change Order Fee Detail WORK22506
PA23500PA Change Order Fee Header OPEN22517
PA12101PA Change Order Fee Header WORK22507
PA23502PA Change Order Fee Schedule OPEN22518
PA12103PA Change Order Fee Schedule WORK22519
PA33701PA Change Order Header HIST22508
PA23400PA Change Order Header OPEN22509
PA12000PA Change Order Header WORK22510
PA02701PA Change Order Key Master22511
PA11801PA Combined History Detail File22220
PA11800PA Combined History Header file22140
PA02001PA Combined History Setup22221
PA42902PA Contr Templ RR Cycle Link22491
PA42901PA Contract Billing Cycle Link22375
PA02401PA Contract Billing Cycle Link File22354
PA01141PA Contract Change Order Master22512
PA41101PA Contract Class Setup File22022
PA01122PA Contract CO Periodic Totals MSTR22530
PA01151PA Contract Customer List MSTR22534
PA01101PA Contract Master File22021
PA01162PA Contract MSTR COST SUM22579
PA01131PA Contract MSTR SUM22200
PA01161PA Contract MSTR WIP SUM22551
PA01121PA Contract Periodic Totals MSTR22163
PA01111PA Contract Revenue Sources Master File22345
PA02501PA Contract RR Cycle Link File22486
PA91304PA Contract Segment Override Detail22454
PA91301PA Contract Segment Override Header22453
PA92304PA Contract Template Seg Override Detail22457
PA92301PA Contract Template Seg Override Header22456
PA41501PA Contract TemplateFile22023
PA41001PA Cost Category Class Setup File22024
PA01001PA Cost Category Master File22025
PA14100PA Cost Trx Add On The Fly22552
PA02301PA Customer Billing Cycle Link File22355
PA42801PA Customer Class Billing Cycle Link22368
PA42802PA Customer Class RR Cycle Link22487
PA40501PA Customer Class Setup22000
PA00512PA Customer CO Periodic Totals MSTR22531
PA00501PA Customer MSTR22001
PA00532PA Customer MSTR COST SUM22580
PA00521PA Customer MSTR SUM22190
PA00531PA Customer MSTR WIP SUM22189
PA00511PA Customer Periodic Totals MSTR22183
PA02601PA Customer RR Cycle Link File22488
PA13204PA Distribution Work File22370
PA40601PA Employee Class Setup22013
PA10501PA Employee Expense Detail File22081
PA30501PA Employee Expense Detail History File22119
PA30504PA Employee Expense Distribution History22229
PA10504PA Employee Expense Distribution WORK22228
PA10500PA Employee Expense Header File22080
PA30500PA Employee Expense Header History File22145
PA42401PA Employee Expense Setup22011
PA10502PA Employee Expense Tax WORK file22194
PA30503PA Employee Expense Tax WORK HIstory file22195
PA00601PA Employee MSTR22002
PA01402PA Employee Rate Table HDR22111
PA01403PA Employee Rate Table LINE22299
PA40701PA Equipment Class Setup File22031
PA10101PA Equipment Log Detail File22086
PA30201PA Equipment Log Detail History File22150
PA30203PA Equipment Log Distribution History22230
PA10103PA Equipment Log Distribution WORK22233
PA10100PA Equipment Log Header File22077
PA30200PA Equipment Log Header History File22149
PA41901PA Equipment Log Setup22006
PA00701PA Equipment Master File22032
PA01406PA Equipment Rate Table HDR22304
PA01407PA Equipment Rate Table LINE22301
PA00401PA Fee Master File22325
PA03400PA Generic File Log22245
PA30904PA Invenotry Transfer Tax HiST file22492
PA10904PA Invenotry Transfer Tax WORK file22493
eePAIVLNPA Invent Transfer Line22268
PA30903PA Inventory Distribution History22294
PA10903PA Inventory Distribution WORK22293
EEPAIVRQPA Inventory Returned Quantities22267
PA10902PA Inventory Serial and Lot Number Work22283
PA10905PA Inventory Transaction Bin Quantities Work22630
PA30901PA Inventory Transfer History Detail22276
PA30900PA Inventory Transfer History Header22275
PA42701PA Inventory Transfer Setup22272
PA10901PA Inventory Transfer Work Detail22274
PA10900PA Inventory Transfer Work Header22273
PA30902PA Item Serial and Lot Number History22284
PA01404PA Job Title Rate Table Header22303
PA01405PA Job Title Rate Table Line22300
PA01901PA Key Master22214
PA01801PA Location Format Setup22166
PA01202PA MC Project Master File22061
PA40801PA Miscellaneous Class Setup File22026
PA30303PA Miscellaneous Log Distribution History22231
PA10201PA Miscellaneous Log Detail File22057
PA10203PA Miscellaneous Log Distribution WORK22234
PA10200PA Miscellaneous Log Header File22056
PA30301PA Miscellaneous Log History Detail File22048
PA30300PA Miscellaneous Log History File22055
PA42001PA Miscellaneous Log Setup22007
PA00801PA Miscellaneous Master File22027
PA10705PA PO Distribution Work22295
PA14300PA PO Project Assignment22593
PA14301PA PO Project Assignment Detail22618
PA31101PA PO Receipt History22387
PA10702PA PO Receipt Line22187
PA31102PA PO Receipt Line History22386
PA10721PA PO Receipt Line Quantities22385
PA10701PA PO Receipt Work22158
PA14400PA PO Receivings Assignment22619
PA14401PA PO Receivings Assignment Detail22620
PA10731PA PO Shipment Invoice Apply22188
PA10704PA PO Tax22296
PA31103PA PO Tax History22323
PA30000PA Posting Definitions Master History22051
PA000001PA Proj Contr Activity Master22452
PA01408PA Project Access List MSTR22305
PA41401PA Project Access Template SETP22307
PA61020PA Project Billing Cycle Link File22335
PA05100PA Project Billing Master File22330
PA05100APA Project Billing Master File22631
PA41701PA Project Budget Setup22004
PA01241PA Project Change Order Master22513
PA41201PA Project Class Setup File22029
PA33502PA Project Closing Distribution HIST22135
PA11902PA Project Closing Distribution WORK22130
PA33501PA Project Closing History22138
PA11905PA Project Closing History Budget22564
PA11906PA Project Closing History Fee22565
PA11903PA Project Closing Work Budget22566
PA11901PA Project Closing WORK Detail22137
PA11904PA Project Closing Work Fee22567
PA11900PA Project Closing WORK Header22136
PA01222PA Project CO Periodic Totals MSTR22532
PA01410PA Project Customer List Master22535
PA01409PA Project Equipment List MSTR22306
PA41409PA Project Equipment Template SETP22308
PA02101PA Project Fee Master File22058
PA05200PA Project Fee Schedule Master File22082
PA00402PA Project Fee Totals Master File22083
PA01201PA Project Master File22030
PA01252PA Project MSTR COST SUM22581
PA01231PA Project MSTR SUM22206
PA01251PA Project MSTR WIP SUM22553
PA01221PA Project Periodic Totals MSTR22182
PA01211PA Project Revenue Sources Master File22346
PA61040PA Project RR Cycle Link File22489
PA70101PA Project Series Report Options22054
PA41701APA Project Source Setup22496
PA60020PA Project Template Billing Cycle Link File22331
PA60040PA Project Template Fee Master22332
PA40203PA Project Template Fee Sched Master File22050
PA41601PA Project Template File22028
PA60030PA Project Template RR Cycle Link File22497
PA30600PA Purchase Order History22073
PA10601PA Purchase Order Line22064
PA30601PA Purchase Order Line History22074
PA42201PA Purchase Order Setup22009
PA10602PA Purchase Order Tax22288
PA30602PA Purchase Order Tax History22287
PA10600PA Purchase Order Work22063
GST00105PA Purchasing Tax History22529
SY00500PA Report Posting Definitions Master22612
POP30100PA Report Purchase Order History22446
POP10110PA Report Purchase Order Line22495
POP30110PA Report Purchase Order Line History22584
POP10100PA Report Purchase Order Work22433
POP30000PA Report Purchasing Batch History22611
POP30390PA Report Purchasing Distribution History22614
POP10390PA Report Purchasing Distribution Work22613
POP30300PA Report Purchasing Receipt History22597
POP10310PA Report Purchasing Receipt Line22601
POP30310PA Report Purchasing Receipt Line History22604
POP10300PA Report Purchasing Receipt Work22585
PA33302PA Rev Recognition Budget DTL HIST File22313
PA23304PA Rev Recognition Budget DTL Work File22309
PA33305PA Rev Recognition Distribution History22316
PA23305PA Rev Recognition Distribution Work22315
PA33303PA Rev Recognition Fee DTL HIST File22314
PA23303PA Rev Recognition Fee DTL Work File22311
PA33301PA Rev Recognition Header HIST File22337
PA23301PA Rev Recognition Header Work File22131
PA33304PA Rev Recognition Proj Detail HIST File22338
PA23302PA Rev Recognition Proj Detail WORK File22144
PA02010PA RR Cycle MSTR22490
PA41301PA Segment Override Header22239
PA41302PA Segment Override Line22038
PA41304PA Segment Override Template Detail22252
PA41303PA Segment Override Template Header22251
PA00502PA Third Party Customer MSTR22536
PA00503PA Third Party Customer MSTR122542
PA10001PA Timesheet Detail File22036
PA30101PA Timesheet Detail History File22045
PA30103PA Timesheet Distribution History22232
PA10003PA Timesheet Distribution WORK22235
PA10000PA Timesheet Header File22035
PA30100PA Timesheet Header History File22037
PA41801PA Timesheet Setup22005
PA00000PA Trigger Settings22242
PA40102PA U of M Schedule Detail Setup22271
PA40101PA U of M Schedule Setup22292
PA43102PA User Defined Bill Format DTL SETP22089
PA43101PA User Defined Bill Format SETP22008
PA40401PA Users Class Master22018
PA01501PA Users Master22017
PA40901PA Vendor Class Setup22020
PA00901PA Vendor MSTR22033
PA30905PAInventory Transaction Bin Quantities History22629
PDK00200Palette Master22254
PDK01800Palette Template22253
PDK01601PDK Billing Notes Master22160
PDK00001PDK Data Conversion Status22247
PDK10503PDK eExpense22554
PDK00102PDK Employee Expense Delegates22347
PDK10500PDK Employee Expense HDR22067
PDK10501PDK Employee Expense LINE22148
PDK10502PDK Employee Expense Tax WORK22161
PDK90003PDK File Error Log22248
PDK03900PDK Record Notes Master22240
PDK01000PDK Registration Master22243
PDK70101PDK Report Options22246
PDK90100PDK Security22256
PDK00101PDK Timesheet Delegates22348
PDK10000PDK Timesheet HDR22224
PDK10001PDK Timesheet LINE22236
PDK00300PDK Timesheet Template Header22208
PDK00301PDK Timesheet Template LINE22392
PDK40001PDK Users22244
PDK40000PDK Users Class22262
PDK70300Report Option Names22255
PDK02000Security Restrictions22260
PDK02400System Password Master22263
SY02600User Notes Master22261
SY02600User Notes Master22264
PDK00700Window Notes Master22241
PDK00400Work Menu Master22266
Project Accounting