A get/change operation on table ‘pm1099PeriodDtl’ failed accessing SQL Data – Invalid column name ‘TEN99FATCAFILEREQ’

This message occurred during check batch posting process after the GP was upgraded from GP 2010 to GP2015.  There were no upgrade errors.  Looks like the PM00204 table was not upgraded, hence was missing the field.    Adopted below process to add the new field :

1.Backup your company database

2. Run this query against company database

Select * into PM00204_Safe from PM00204

3. Navigate to Dynamics GP >> Maintenance >> SQL

4. Select company database and select purchase 1099 period detail table.

5. Tick mark drop table and drop auto procedure and process

6. Tick mark create table and create auto procedure and process

7. Run this query against the company database

insert into [dbo].[PM00204]