Changing the Azox e-Commerce URL

At some point in time the Azox – Dynamics GP e-Commerce  URL requires  to be changed to meet the business requirement.  When such a situation arises, the following three changes needs to done to successfully  point the e-Commerce web site to new URL.

1) Update the re-direct URL defined at the default.aspx page at the web site.  The default.aspx page can be found at the default folder in website home directory.

2) Update the credit card processor web service URL at eSource manager manager.

  1. Login to the e Commerce site as an admin
  2. Click on eSource Setting >> Setting >> Payment management >> Credit Card
  3. Update web service URL
  4. Update web service URL (Publisher)
  5. Verify URL

3) Update the credit card processor web server URL at dex.ini at every GP Client.

  1. Dex.ini file would be located at GP install folder
    D:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2010\Data
  2. Locate and update the EP_WEBSERVICE key with the changed URL.






530 Valid hostname is expected.

530 Valid hostname is expected.

530 Valid hostname is expected


When hosting more than one FTP sites on IIS 7.5 server, IIS requires the authentication be done in following format:

UID        |username

FTP Site binding


1) When connecting to ftp server the server name should match the FTP Host name binding at IIS

2) The user name should be preceded with FTP Host name followed by a pipe.


How to order the top horizontal dynamic menus based on product levels.

How to order the top horizontal / Vertical dynamic menus.

  1. Log on to e Catalog and connect to publisher if replication is enabled.



  2. Open the e Catalog by selecting appropriate ibe file.



  3. Enter to edit mode.

    Edit mode

    Edit mode

  4. Select any item row and a product level  1 column, click the ellipses button to open the levels tree.


    click the elipses

  5. Category level window opens up



  6. Ordering Level 1 is achieved by controlling the number of spaces before the category description.
  7. For ordering level 2, adopt the same procedure above, except click the ellipses button at the product level 2 column.

    Level 2

    Level 2

  8. The more spaces the item will be last member of the sort order.




Azox Microsoft Dynamics GP windows and menus not loading.

Azox Microsoft Dynamics GP windows and menus not loading.

Users started informing the Credit Card process menu’s and windows got disappeared.  Not being aware of any configuration change to Microsoft Dynamics GP client installs, the investigation started by checking the URL for e Payment web service.

The URL configuration for Azox e-Commerce website is configured at :

Azox e-Commerce e Payment Webservice setup

Azox e-Commerce e Payment Webservice setup

Azox e-Commerce e Payment Webservice setup url

Azox e-Commerce e Payment Web service setup

To test the URL configuration, added ccservice.asmx to the web service location configured above and opened the link in a browser.  This should bring the CC-service functions as follows:


In this instance the service link would not open. Further investigation  it was found that the DNS entries for the e-payment site was changed.  The DNS change was updated at the web services configuration window.  Logged out of Microsoft Dynamics GP and logged in back, the Credit Card Menu’s were back again.  This process had to be done for every GP user using the  CCE plugin.






Azox / Dynamics GP shipping combinations.

Azox  / Dynamics GP shipping combinations.

Spent lot of time in figuring out how the freight for e commerce shipments are getting computed or not getting computed.  For setting up shipping in Azox shipping methods needs to be configured at Azox as well as at Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The combination can be an  very large matrix.  For this post the a combination of single carrier with one shipping method  and one shipping service was tested and the results were …

GP Azox Azox Azox Freight
Shipping Shipping Rate Amount Results
Carrier Code Uplift Uplift
UPS None 20 0 TBD
UPS None 0 10 Azox uplift Amount
UPS None 20 10 Azox uplift Amount
UPS 03 20 0 UPS + 20 %
UPS 03 20 10 UPS + 20% + Azox   uplift
UPS 03 0 10 UPS + Azox Uplift
None 20 0 TBD
None 0 10 Azox uplift Amount
None 20 10 Azox uplift Amount
03 20 0 Cannot compute   freight
03 20 10 Azox uplift Amount
03 0 10 Azox uplift Amount

This post together with my previous post on how to setup of fixed shipping rates can be set up at Azox should explain how to configure shipping at Azox ecommerce suite.


Setting up fixed rate shipping at Azox e-Commerce web site.

Setting up fixed rate shipping at Azox e-Commerce web site.

Azox ecommerce solution allows setting up of variety of way how the freight can be computed for any web orders being check out from the ecommerce site. Setting up fixed rate shipping at Azox e-Commerce web site should be preceded by setting up of shipping method at Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This article shows how Setting up fixed rate shipping at Azox e-Commerce web site is accomplished.

Step 1 – Log on to the Azox e-commerce web portal as administrator.

azox ecommerce admin console

Azox  e-Commerce admin console

Step 2 – Navigating to shipping information by following e-Source Setting, Setting, Order fulfillment, check out and shipping information.

Step 3 – At the shipping information window select site which needs be configured for fixed rate shipping.

Step 4 – At the Allow Order Shipping Method Change window, which can reached by clicking the details button ensure the shipping method which is be assigned a fixed rate is assigned “None” code.

Step 5 – Similarly, at the Shipping Rate Setup window, handling charge tab,  update the shipping method with the fixed rate for “Amount” type setting.  Also update the shipping method with “0” for the “Rate” type setting.

These setting should setup a fixed rate charge for the shipping method.










Shipping method not calculating at Azox check out page.

Shipping method not calculating at Azox check out page.

When implementing the Axoz ecommerce solution for Microsoft dynamics GP, one the issue which arise is Shipping method not calculating at Azox check out page. This is mostly because the Shipping method data collection is generally not used per se at Dynamics GP hence the shipping method screen is not always filled up.

When the user complete the adding items to shopping card and is ready to check out.  The view card button is clicked to reach the process order page.  The shipping is not calculated, instead a shipping icon is presented at the order summary.

azox order summary

Azox order summary

Root cause and resolution:

Azox e-Commerce is unable to identify the carrier for shipping.  The carrier for the shipping method is defined at Microsoft Dynamics GP Shipping methods window.

The shipping method window at Microsoft Dynamics GP can be reached at


Navigating to  shipping method window at Dynamics GP.

Ensure the carrier field is filled in the shipping method window.  For example if the carrier is United Parcel service, the carrier code would UPS.


Setting up shipping method in Dynamics GP for Azox

Note: In order to complete the process, shipping method should also be configured at Azox which is out of scope for this post.




Force change of default email and password at Azox

Force change of default email and password at Azox

This how to article show how to force change of default email and password at Azox e-Commerce  web site.  When an e-Commerce user logs into Azox e-Commerce web site linked to Microsoft Dynamics GP with a default user name and password, the user needs to be re-directed to the change password email and password.  Below is the procedure on how to configure the Azox e-Commerce web site to enforce change user name and password.

1) Login to azox e-Commerce web site as an administrator.

2) Click on eSource Settings:

eSource Setting

Azox administration console eSource setting menu

3) Click on Settings, Administration, User Administration, Automatic Logins – b2b/b2c

azox automatic login setup

Azox automat login setup

4) Navigate to the Compare Values tab:

New Login Defaults

New Login defaults

5) The setting  to force a user to change  email address and password if they are matching the default values are defined here.

6) Check mark the compare this email value at login check box to force user to change  email address if the email address matches the default email address defined at this page.

7) Check mark the compare the password value at login  check box to force the user to change password if the password matches the default password defined at this page.

8) Also check mark hide menu until email address and password is updated check box.

9) Type the message the user would be served  when forced to change email address and password.

10) Click on save.  Notice there are two save buttons on this page.  Click on the save button, not the save changes button.

These setting should force the user update their email address and  password if either of them are matching the defaults configured on the next login attempt.


How to place Azox e-commerce website in maintenance mode

  1. Log on on to the web site hosting the Azox website.
  2. Navigate to the webserver home directory
  3. _______\wwwroot\store\include\SiteMaintenance
  4. Under this folder there can be multiple folders one fore each site.
  5. Each of these folders contain  sitemaintenance.txt
  6. update the sitemaintenance.txt with DOWN for placing the site in maintenance mode.
  7. Update the sitemaintenance.txt with UP for taking the site out of maintenance.