GP Tables


IV00101Item Master364
IV00102Item Quantity Master372
IV00103Item Vendor Master367
IV00104Item Kit Master366
IV00105Item Currency Master777
IV00106Item Purchasing776
IV00107Item Price List Options833
IV00108Item Price List832
IV00109Item Serial Number Mask831
IV00111Site Defaults935
IV00112Item Site Bin Master981
IV00115Multiple Manufacture Items Master1134
IV00117Item Site Bin Priorities1082
IV00118Item Cost Change History1183
IV00200Item Serial Number Master383
IV00300Item Lot Number Master377
IV00301Item Lot Attribute Master376
IV10000Inventory Transaction Work394
IV10001Inventory Transaction Amounts Work395
IV10002Inventory Serial and Lot Number Work396
IV10003Inventory Transaction Bin Quantities Work983
IV10004Inventory Bin Quantity Transfer1027
IV10200Inventory Purchase Receipts Work378
IV10201Inventory Purchase Receipts Detail1165
IV10300Stock Count861
IV10301Stock Count Line862
IV10302Stock Count Serial Lot863
IV10303Stock Count U of M864
IV30100Inventory Transaction Batch History390
IV30101Inventory Sales Summary History385
IV30102Inventory Sales Summary Period History386
IV30200Inventory Transaction History391
IV30300Inventory Transaction Amounts History392
IV30301Inventory Transaction Detail History128
IV30302Inventory Transaction Bin Quantities History982
IV30400Item Serial and Lot Number History393
IV30500Inventory Distribution History363
IV30600Item Lot Attribute History463
IV30700Stock Count History866
IV30701Stock Count Line History867
IV30702Stock Count Serial Lot History868