GP Tables

Payables Management

TableDescriptionResource ID
PM00100Class Master File49
PM00101Vendor Class Accounts638
PM00200Vendor Master File48
PM00201Vendor Master Summary182
PM00202Vendor Master Period Summary225
PM00203Vendor Accounts639
PM00204Purchasing 1099 Period Detail1245
PM00300Address Master50
PM00400Key Master File181
PM10000Transaction WORK File223
PM10100Distribution WORK OPEN202
PM10200Apply To WORK OPEN File191
PM10201Payment Apply To Work File211
PM10300Payment WORK212
PM10400Manual Payment WORK File209
PM10500Tax Work File220
PM10600Distribution Void WORK Temporary File201
PM10801Payment Stub Duplicate406
PM10900Void Payment WORK Temporary File227
PM10901Void Transaction WORK Temporary File229
PM10902Tax Void Work Temporary File219
PM20000Transaction OPEN File192
PM20100Apply To OPEN OPEN Temporary File195
PM20200Distribution OPEN OPEN Temporary File196
PM20400Scheduled Payments Header979
PM20401Scheduled Payment LINE1033
PM30200Paid Transaction History File210
PM30300Apply To History File194
PM30401Scheduled Payments Header History984
PM30600Distribution History File199
PM30700Tax History File218
PM30800Tax Invoices854
PM40100Setup File183
PM40101Period Setup File176
PM40102Payables Document Types203
PM40103Payables Distribution Type SETP457
PM401041099 Setup File1214
PM50100History Removal Tempoary File787
PM70500Purchasing Report Options177
PM80100Reprint Transaction Batch Headers214
PM80200Void Reprint Void Payment WORK134
PM80300Reprint Void Transaction WORK132
PM80500Reprint Posting Journal Apply To File213
PM80600Reprint Distribution215
PM80700Reprint Tax216
PM80800Reprint Transaction Check Register File217
PM80900Mass Voucher Apply Temp File619
PM80905Payables Apply Document Browse108
PM80950Remittance Temp1343
PM80960Exception List Temp1342
PM81000Modified Vendor Class Accounts646
PMV0100Scheduled Payment Header View985