GP Tables

Sales Order Processing

TableDescriptionResource ID
SOP00100Sales Process Holds Master451
SOP00200Sales Prospect Master527
Sales Customer Item Substitute1160
Sales Transaction Work438
Sales Commissions Work and History447
SOP10102Sales Distribution Work and History525
SOP10103Sales Payment Work and History523
SOP10104Sales Process Holds Work and History449
SOP10105Sales Taxes Work and History537
SOP10106Sales User-Defined Work History749
SOP10107Sales Tracking Numbers Work History1015
SOP10200Sales Transaction Amounts Work465
SOP10201Sales Serial/Lot Work and History462
SOP10202Sales Line Comment Work and History464
Sales Order Bin Quantities Work and History968
SOP30100Sales Batch History544
SOP30200Sales Transaction History448
SOP30201Sales Deposit History493
SOP30300Sales Transaction Amounts History461
SOP60200Sales Picking Instruction Cross Reference1149
SOP60300Sales Customer Item Cross Reference1158