Dynamics GP – Manufacturing BOM – Export

Dynamics GP – Manufacturing BOM – Export

Users of manufacturing BOM wanted a easy way to have all the manufacturing BOM’s exported to excel where the cost from child part gets rolled up.  They also wanted to identify separately the cost components.  All the export should retain BOM Tree structure.

Before attempting to reinvent the wheel, it is worth while to check the SSRS BOM reports which is released with Dynamics GP SSRS package.

Implemented a series of views at the company database.  The later views are dependent on former views. Assumed the maximum level of children indents would be 10.

  1. Create Level 1 view
  2. Create Level 2 view
  3. Create Level 3 view
  4. Create Level 4 view
  5. Create Level 5 view
  6. Create Level 6 view
  7. Create Level 7 view
  8. Create Level 8 view
  9. Create Level 9 view
  10. Create Level 10 view
  11. Create Level Consolidation View
  12. Create Routing view
  13. Create BOM Material Export View
  14. Create BOM Machine Export View
  15. Create BOM Labor Export View.

The last three views can be  used in a SSRS Report to export cute BOM Reports.

Sample SSRS Reports

  1. BOM_Material